• How does Caliber operate?

Caliber is structured as a collaborative design network.  Years of experience in product design, development, engineering, and a network of associates, each operating independently are strategically selected and utilized for each individual client.  Kevin Dahlquist is the principal contact in Charlotte, North Carolina, and services available include many elements of the design process.

  • Do I need to have a patent before meeting or disclosing my concept?

Many clients have already established a variety of IP prior to approaching Caliber with interest in further development.  Many other clients choose to initiate projects using a non-disclosure agreement, which Caliber is glad to work with.

  • What will this project cost?

Projects can vary dramatically and generally depend on time, materials, and services required.  Our services are very competitively priced for the experience and deliverables which we can supply.

  • How can I get my product to market?

We manage all sorts of client needs at Caliber.  Some clients have nothing but an idea and need help to develop a working prototype for license.  Other clients are seeking only short run production of their product for field use.  Other clients only seek to develop and refine performance of an existing product.  Still other clients are looking to take a  concept all the way through to final production and distribution.  Caliber will strive to meet the needs of our clients through as many of our associates as possible.   Many of our resources are here in Charlotte including a variety of prototyping and engineering design/development resources.